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Thirty years ago, Dr. Nikkhoo was in a severe car accident. The accident led him to a chiropractic clinic, where he was treated successfully without surgery. Moved by his personal experience, he decided to pursue chiropractic education so that he could help others improve their quality of life naturally.

Dr. Nikkhoo’s treatment philosophy is a combination of traditional and cutting-edge chiropractic methods. He emphasizes treating the whole patient and determining the underlying cause of pain. He works with many athletes, including professional MMA fighters, triathletes, paddlers, free-divers, and surfers. He uses a variety of techniques, including orthopedic neurological testing, cold laser technology, and traditional chiropractic adjustment to treat biomechanical and biochemical imbalances in the body.

After operating two successful chiropractic practices in Los Angeles from 1999 to 2006, Dr. Nikkhoo relocated with his family to Hawaii. In his free time, he practices martial arts and enjoys weightlifting, freediving, scuba diving, spear-fishing, and swimming. He is a member of United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and a Board-Certified Industrial Disability Medical Examiner and National Registry Certified Medical Examiner in the state of Hawaii and California.

Dr. Nikkhoo is the leader in providing quality healthcare and utilizing cutting-edge technology for the control of pain and overall wellness.  His goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to spinal health care by uniting technology with traditional care resulting in optimal health gains.  He is committed to bringing a multifaceted treatment regimen to achieve the goals of his patients for full recovery and a positive step toward whole-body wellness